Branded Flash Drives For Higher Education Solutions

The flash drive has revolutionized data storage and changed how people interact with their computers by offering convenience, speed and much more. Because we want to better this experience, we have built our company to provide unique flash drive solutions for higher education institutions and other organizations keen on innovation.

The inventors of the flash drive probably never understood at the time of their discovery the scale of their invention and just how much it would change our lives. Just 15 years ago, one of the most relied upon methods of data storage was the floppy disk. The floppy was a big deal then; it was lightweight and portable and was not easily damaged. However, its data storage capacity was so handicapped that it is laughable compared to the standards of today.

From a storage capacity of just 1.44 megabytes on the floppy disk, now a flash disk can store more than 500 gigabytes of data. Not only can a flash drive be used for data storage, it can now be used as a marketing or a promotional tool. More and more institutions are realizing this as the marketplace has become more crowded. Never has it become more important for organizations to create a strong brand for themselves; they must stand out from everybody else if they are to remain standing.

Our company helps you do just that; create a name for yourself and be memorable in the minds of the people who matter. We are based in Chicago and we are industry leaders in the USB flash drive technology. If you are interested in anything related to USB memory customization we are your best bet. We customize USB flash drives with logos, names, corporate colors, slogans, etc. just anything you can think of! The customer is always right and because of that, we give you total control. Do you want a custom design? No big deal. We let you take over; if you can imagine it, we can produce it.

Providing Unique Flash Drive Solutions For Higher Education

Times have changed, higher education institutions do not consume as much paper as they were in the 1980’s but more still needs to be done to preserve our forests. Thanks to technology, publishers are now preferring to produce more eBooks and lesser paper based books. Universities and colleges today have impressive electronic libraries which necessitate the need for convenient access to this material. The flash drive remains the most popular way of sharing and storing eBooks in a school setting because, being small, they are portable and they can accommodate a lot of books.

Teachers are also finding flash drives very useful in their work. They can store notes, charts, PowerPoint presentations and audiovisual materials for use during their lessons. With just a few gigabytes of data, a teacher can store a lot of teaching material for a long period of time because flash drives do not easily lose data. Custom flash drives with the names of the subjects printed can be issued by a school to its teachers to make their work easier.

Students can also use flash drives to submit their dissertations and term papers or other assignments instead of putting it on paper. This will reduce paperwork for the professors and make for more convenient handling.

In this regard, our company can provide these solutions to higher learning institutions:

We help businesses to create great impression on current and potential contacts or clients by making metal flash designs emblazoned with business logos. Apart from the fact that the USB flash designs are made from high-quality materials, our metal models are simple yet sleekest looking in design. Other features that may be included in our metal flash drive designs include:

Higher learning institutions can also benefit in the following ways:

How other businesses can benefit:

We are proud that we can make a difference by providing unique flash drive solutions for higher education needs. However, our solutions have broad applicability across all industries. Flash drives can be branded with the company logo and used as giveaways for promotional purposes.

Branded flash drives can also be given to employees for home or office use to make them proud of their company. A company can also chose to use flash drives to store scanned documents instead of paper files to reduce storage challenges. These flash drives can be color coded or marked for ease of identification.

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