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idimultimedia.net Branded Flash Drives For Educators and Admissions

Promote Your School Store With This Flash Drive Brand

Branded flash drives can be used in many different aspects of education and academics. The classroom, school promotion, admissions office, library, different departments, societies, clubs, and the school store can all benefit from an implementation of flash drives into their routines. The school store, in particular, can reap the rewards of such strategies. It is a very important aspect of the campus experience for both teachers and students, as it allows them to represent their educational institution by displaying the product they buy. As such, it becomes a flagship of the identity of the school and can have an impact on the decision-making process that prospective students go through.

The role of the school store

Promoting and marketing the school store as an important feature of the school to prospective students has many benefits—but before it can be successfully marketed, it must play an integral role to the students who already attend the school. This can be done in a variety of ways, the most common one being handing out materials about the store and what it offers. A school store usually sells items that students need but may forget, such as pens, notebooks, erasers, and rulers, as well as books which are part of the curriculum and branded items.

The branded items are a major driving force behind promoting the school as a whole. Students who feel loyal to the school and its values will be proud to show off their attendance by, for example, wearing a jacket with the logo on the back. Branded items are a good way of publicly displaying one’s attendance, and such items should be available from the school store. Examples include pens and, although less common, flash drives.

Flash drives and their impact

These little technological devices can be kept in a pocket or a purse, and some have enough capacity to keep several years’ worth of school materials, including books, assignments, and notes. Selling or handing out a branded flash drive to students not only provides them with a way of associating publicly with the school, it also gives them something useful that has a value to their studies. A pen gets lost easily. A flash drive can store important information and will mean more to the individual student.

With that in mind, using flash drives for promotion and marketing on a greater scale is a natural progression. You can promote your school store with this flash drive brand, and as a result receive more attention from existing students, as well as impress prospective and potential ones.

A promotional campaign with flash drives is fresh innovation and will ensure that the target audience remembers the campaign. Usually, promotional material is handed out on paper, and recipients of the pamphlets or handouts will likely forget them somewhere. Being handed a USB flash drive gives the impression of being given something with more value than a simple piece of paper, and hence the person will remember the giver better. Furthermore, a USB can be reused, so even if people take them and delete the promotional content from them, they may keep the branded USB and use it. As a result, they will often be reminded of how they got it, and of the brand engraved on it.

When you promote your school store with this flash drive brand, it is possible to fully customise the promotional USB flash drives—for example, having a custom-shaped USB made. All flash drives will have engraving and imprinting of the customer’s logo. The devices will be produced by industry leaders with competitive pricing and a unique 24-hour rush production and delivery service.

A sustainable image

In this day and age, sustainability is a very debated subject. The paper section of the debate, in particular, has people on the fence—both because of a lack of affordable alternatives, and because of habits. Schools tend to use a lot of paper, as it is the conventional way of distributing materials and receiving assignments. There has in recent times been a shift towards more digital and technologically advanced means, but bar a few special cases, it is a half-hearted effort.

Using flash drives actively can help any school take a step towards sustainability—and a significant one at that. The paper is used in a myriad of instances in schools. Books, notes, handouts, assignments, quizzes and promotional material are just a few example of the uses of paper in educational institutions. In all of these instances and others, it would be possible to eliminate the need for paper by using USB flash drives. Information can be stored and transferred easily from any flash drive to another, allowing teachers and students alike to avoid carrying around heavy books and materials. Several years’ worth of school material can be kept in the palm of a hand.

Implementing flash drives into the daily routines of a school is a good strategy for making it more environmentally friendly and sustainable—and while it may take some getting used to, the students and teachers will likely appreciate it. But the incorporation of flash drives shouldn’t stop with the teachers and existing students.

If presenting promotional material in the form of USB flash drives, the image of the school becomes progressive and forward-thinking. The public will perceive them as innovative and sustainable, and will greatly appreciate the efforts as well as be impressed with what they experience. This can drive more students and attention towards the school, as they expect to enjoy being in such a technological environment. Hence, using flash drives to promote the school store is just a stepping stone to what can be done with the devices and what they can achieve for the school. The prospects are much greater and can bring much more benefits to the school than first anticipated. Both existing teachers, currently attending students, prospective students, and other members of the public will applaud the methods. While the school store is one way of creating publicity via various branded items, using branded USBs as a direct promotional method will do so to an even greater extent.