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How Educational Institutions Are Using Promotional Items to Employ Smart Marketing Tactics

Are you thinking of improving your advertising efforts through the use of branded promotional items? Do you want to welcome your students back to the school with a nice gift which carries your institute's branding? Or perhaps want to show your appreciation for the teachers and parents of the students by giving them something which will remind them of your school for a long time? If your goal either of these or something similar, you've landed on the right resource. Read on to understand how educational institutions are employing marketing in a smart way and gaining more recognition.

Marketing without promotional items can be challenging

It can be tough to grab the short attention span of the busy students. But how do you understand what they'd want and what they won't? Most students have seen promotions of almost everything in their campus, from gym memberships to even checking accounts. But if you want to offer something that will actually interest the students, give them something they can use in their daily lives and it's something related to their common interests. What better thing to offer for your giveaway than tiny electronic gadgets like USB thumb drives branded with your organization's logo or message?

Getting accurate information in exchange for a gift

It's not uncommon to see this kind of protective getting employed college and school marketing. You can definitely get a good number of students to fill up some paper forms with their personal information, but the chances of you getting accurate information from them without giving something in return are very less. If you're serious about your lead generation efforts, create a contest for students to fill up their real email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses. In return, you can offer a stress ball, designer pen, water bottle or a cheap gadget with your company's logo on it. It will make them think as if they will gain some real value out of offering you the personal information. Choose the prize for the contest depending on your budget, however, there are many options in the market if you wanted to give away functional items that students can use in their daily life and don't really cost that much if you order in bulk. Not to mention, college students don't have much money to go around most of the time and would jump on any chance of winning the promotional item. It's not just a simple way to grab their attention, but also an efficient way to expand your branding and marketing the friends and parents of these students.

How promotional supplies can help boost enrollment rates

Schools and colleges utilize a number of school promotion and marketing tactics to impress students, parents, and teachers. Whether the purpose is to boost enrollment or to target a specific demographic in the audience, you can use branded promotional supplies without even thinking twice about whether or not it will work for your organization. If you can't think of creative ways to use promotional supplies for marketing, here are a couple of examples that will get you started. How about organizing giveaways to promote your organization or club, showing parents how much you care about imparting the right kind of education or simply offering students with the required stationery supplies? Many schools have distributed a branded flash drive that impressed their new students and spread the word around for them without spending much on advertising.

Understanding the needs of a student

This is where most educational organization looking to promote their identity go wrong. To come up with a nice idea for promotional items to distribute to a specific age group of students, you will need to understand their daily needs. So, while most of the students don't really find it useful to receive wall calendars and leather briefcases, many would really appreciate it if you offered them items for daily use. Some regular examples of such items include coffee mugs, T-shirts, and bottle opener keychains with a logo on it. But don't you think it's slightly outdated to give away such items for free? Why not try something unique, like giving away storage drives that their students would use for transferring files and documents during their education. More often than not, their friends, parents, relatives will notice the gadget and the branding. This is just an example of how you can successfully achieve the purpose of marketing by giving away promotional items.

Avoid distributing promotional items that are disposable

You may think that there are many promotional items like flyers and wrapped chocolates that can work well in the students' audience. However, that assumption would be wrong. This is primarily because students won't find them to be useful. At most, they will say thanks and walk away with the promotional item without even looking at it twice. Items like pens can also do the trick, but it's advisable to go with electronic items that are also available for cheap and can help your brand stand out.

Go for unique and long lasting items

Pens run out of ink and they are thrown away the very same moment. If you plan to make your promotional item do its job well, you will need to come up with a unique idea and create something custom for your needs. there are quite a few schools that have used branded flash drive that impressed their new students with its catchy design. The flash drives are highly customizable, which makes them good for branding and innovation. From designing a flash drive in the shape of your logo to imprinting something on the flash drive, it's possible to create a custom one to distribute at your next event or promotional contest.

Go for unique and long lasting items

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