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idimultimedia.net Branded Flash Drives For Educators and Admissions


A USB flash drive has proven itself to be one of the greatest portable data storage devices in today’s time. It is a tiny stick, with merely a length of half a finger, with a USB interface at one side and an exceptional flash memory. Plug-in the drive with the interface to any system and you can easily transfer or insert the data. And even though they are exceptionally small, the best flash drives can store data as much as 300GB. And because they are quite affordable, they are used all over the world by computer technicians, students, educators, scientists, businessmen, music artists etc.


GOOD FOR MOTHER NATURE – Today’s student receives assignments and paper presentations on daily basis. Not only is it difficult to keep the record of every assignment in hardcopy, it is also not very reasonable if we look from nature’s perspective. More papers mean more cutting of trees, means more fatal the planet becomes. A USB flash drive is an economic and eco-friendly way to submit and store all the assignments and other academic data.

EASILY PORTABLE AND ACCESSIBLE – Now, a classic and more efficient way to store data have always been a hard drive or a DVD. But a hard drive is much heavier and bigger, thus not very easy to carry around. On the other hand, a USB device can come in your pocket. Moreover, not very computer or system is susceptible to a DVD or hard drives, while every system has a USB interface. Furthermore, data stored in a DVD cannot easily be edited. One does not have to face such a problem in USB flash drives.

A PERFECT TOOL FOR DAILY BASIS – Every class is not the same. While today there is a test or quiz, the other day it will be an assignment or a lesson. Data in a flash drive can be stored and deleted every day. So all a teacher has to do is to add the today’s lesson in their USB and clip it to the entire class.

DURABLE – Unlike any other computer tool, a USB flash drive is strong and durable. It is not damaged easily as it usually protected with a metal or plastic cover. So even if it is dropped or hit, the data would still be completely safe.

SAVES ALMOST ANYTHING – With a flash drive, you don’t have to be worried if this kind of file or software it would hold or not. A flash drive saves almost all kind of files, be it Microsoft office, web links, Flash Media, PDFs, spreadsheets, or even any software. It is one tool for everything.

MANUFACTURED JUST FOR YOU – Flash drives usually comes in their classic rectangular shape from which an interface is erected from one side. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Since we are America’s top most flash drive manufacturers, we provide flash drives customized especially for you. If you have a unique and particular print or shape in mind for your personal flash drive, just let us know and you will get your own personally designed flash drive. The drives are beautiful and attractive and are designed without compromising any of its important features.


    Since now you know all that you need to know about flash drives and why they are a must for every teacher and student, we provide you a list of best of the best. Listed below are some of the brands and their production which stand out from all other flash drives and are best in every aspect.
  1. 1. KINGSTON DIGITAL DATA TRAVELER 3.0 – The flash drive has storage of 64GB, yet is highly affordable and light in weight. Dressed in a stylish aluminum, the flash drive has a timeless simplicity and it also makes the drive much more durable and stronger. You can use it as a key ring and flaunt it to the world without worrying about any sort of damage. Since the USB is manufactured with the highest quality material, the makers are so sure of it that they give you a five year warranty period. The 3.0 technology makes this one fast and compatible, and interface fitting is easy too. Even though the most loved one is of 64GB, you can order the same product in 16GB, 32GB, or even 128GB, as the price varies with the size.
  2. 2. SANDISK EXTREME 3.0 – SanDisk is what you turn to when you need a great flash drive. Not only their product is fast and strong, it is also stylish and ultra-reliable. This flash drive has a transfer speed of up to 245MB/sec. Designed in alluring charcoal-black color; it is a style statement in itself. Moreover, it costs less and is very popular among students because of its sharp features and high-speed reliability.
  3. 3. PNY TURBO 3.0 – It is an easily portable flash drive due to its small size and light weight. It has a huge storage space (64GB) and costs mere $20. Even though, it gives a fast transfer speed, appropriate protection, and a beautiful silver outlook. The interface even comes protected with a plastic covering so that no amount of dust particles could stick to it. This PNY product is one of the most sold-out products in America with some exceptionally great reviews. It is one tiny little stick which can make your school or college work much easier.
  4. 4. CORSAIR FLASH VOYAGER GO OTG – This one is a boon to your computer, it works effortlessly on every PC or Mac and even on tablets and phones. A tiny black flash drive with a string, it is probably the coolest flash drive in the market. Its best feature is that it works both ways, either on a 3.0 port, or a micro USB port, thus supporting every device. It costs $30, with the versions having less than 64GB space costing even less, while the quality and efficiency remains the same. This one is honestly, a no-thinker.
  5. 5. SANDISK ULTRA FIT 3.0 – Another high-quality SanDisk product, Ultra Fit 3.0 is an amazing option for any teacher or student. Easy to fit and remove, this one has a 64GB space in just $23. The transfer speed is great with a 5-year warranty. Also, a little protective cap adds to its feature which makes it safe and dust-prone.