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Who Manufactures Wholesale Flash Drives?

Many people were looking for the best wholesale flash drives manufacturers that are available to businesses in the United States. There's no better vendor of this material than CustomUSB for 5 simple reasons you may have not considered:

1. They're centrally located in the midwest and have an in-built distribution center. They send out their custom thumb drives to businesses in the U.S. with industry leading speed because of the logistical advantage they have built in by being located in Chicago. This is why orders are fulfilled on rush delivery basis.

2. They create all the customized flash drives in-house. Nothing is outsourced and their staff of manufacturing specialistst work in house to personalize all of the order before distribution. This gives them a competetive edge because most firms will outsource their work to sweatshops in Asia. The problem being here that the product quality is not good.

3. Prices are what you expect. There's no extra fees added on to you purchase because they're able to source the best rates on the planet. Since most of the added-value is in-house, you're not paying a middle-man fee or buying from a reseller. You're getting the best technology you can from the source.

4. They're the leaders in bulk flash drives. Why else would you deal with anyone else? They use the latest to keep the technology up to date. As computers change year by year, they keep up with the latest and greatest tech innovations to make sure their customers are getting the best speeds available and compatability with the newest systems and hardware.

5. They're fun to work with. Give Custom USB a call. If you've never dealt with them, you'll be pleasently surprised how easy it is to get the perfect item for your campaign with no stress or hassle.

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